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A Brewery Focused on the Experience.

Slowfire Brewing & Distilling is a company that was founded with the idea that people should follow their passions. They came up with the idea of a family owned brewery/distillery while sitting around a campfire discussing their passions. They developed a vision of a Middle Tennessee brewery and distillery that used local ingredients to make premium quality products. They value quality over quantity and taking the time to savor the positive elements of life. They approached DesignGum to create a simple logo and brand system that supported their vision.

  • Branding
  • Logo Design

Create, Review, Then, Create More—Kind of like Brewing Beer.

Slowfire had a specific feel they wanted to portray in their logo. Because it was so specific, getting the design just right meant lots of design exploration. “Less is more” is a common phrase, but sometimes “more is more” is what gets you to the solution. One other requirment— the main icon needed to look great on a cap without simplifying it too much. This added to the challenge.

Application is Everything.

In order to make sure this logo was the one, we applied it through many different uses to see how it would hold up. DesignGum never lets a logo leave our hands until we know for certain in works well in real-world situations.


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