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When a Company Outgrows It’s Brand.

My Student Survey has been doing education surveys since 2014, and have conducted surveys in the largest districts and educational organizations across the country. Their original brand reflected the origins of the product but did not reflect the new market needs and the organic growth of the company. They approached us initially for design work, but since we had a clear understanding of their goals, the project turned into a complete strategic rebrand. We helped decide on a new name, brand positioning, and identity to meet their growing product suite and demands of expanding their market. Our goal was to not only compete in the space but completely shake it up and make this company more approachable than the competition.

  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Website Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Creative Direction

A New Name; A New Brand Defined.

Before we could design anything, we needed to establish a new name and start to define the brand. Through a series of a few meetings in a workshop format, we decided on a name, brand positioning, why statement, mission statement, brand values, and brand filter. We used all these newly defined information as the basis to start forming the brand and identity.

Resonance is All Over the Identity.

With a new name and brand strategy, we needed to create a new logo mark, fresh colors, and visual identity system. We kept the original blue and orange to hark back to the company’s roots and expanded the color pallet to lighten the mood of the new brand. We also had the request of tying in a musical theme to the brand to represent the home base of the company in Music City, aka Nashville, TN.

A Fresh Brand with Fresh Assets.

With a new logo and brand definition, we built out all sales assets to relaunch Resonant Education into the market. We helped outline and design a sales presentation, some social media advertisements, and new business cards and stationery.

Taking the New Brand Online.

In today's world, you don't exist if you aren't online. We wrote new copy and told Resonant Education's brand story on a newly designed custom website. We also expanded the brand look onto all of their social channels.


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