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Partnering to Change the World with The Camalú Project.

Open Arms is a non-profit based out of La Mision, Baja California, Mexico. Their mission is to stop child abandonment by providing free daycare and education to children. This alleviates the need of single mothers and poverty-stricken families from making the hard choice to give up their children to orphanages because they are too poor to provide for them. Because of this growing need, Open Arms wanted to open up a second location in Camalú, Baja California, Mexico. We partnered with them under our alias of Future History Project for their initiative called “The Camalú Project” to help them raise over $200k. The goal was to create a simple logo and brand system that they can use to promote their cause. We had to use free fonts, an easy to use logo and brand system, since it would be used in many ways and by people with no design experience.

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Video
  • Photography

Let’s Go to Mexico. Inspiration from the Source is Always the Best Approach.

We headed down to Mexico to visit Open Arms and to get a better understanding of their mission. It just so happened while we were down there, we got Inspired by the natural hand-painted graphic design that covers all of Mexico and Latin America. The lettering of the signs in Camalú were beautiful and a lot contained the city name. So, we went on a hunt for the perfect one to use for the logo.

How Does it Look on “All the Things?”

We made some mockups to show this logo and brand system in action. Open Arms ended up printing and selling a lot of t-shirts and stickers. Overall, the logo was well received and even ended up being painted on the wall of the new location.

Armed with Photo and Video.

While we were there, our cameras were basically on the whole time. To help further deliver the most we can to this campaign, we also provided photos and videos for them to use for their promotional use.


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