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Bringing Elevated Style to an Up and Coming Town.

Columbia, TN based Buckhead Coffeehouse approached us to create a logo for her new restaurant venture. The vision was to create an elevated charcuterie and wine cafe, called Buck + Board, in the flourishing Downtown District of Columbia.

The initial direction that the client wanted was to be "bold and feminine." The only thing created to this point was a buck illustration drawn by a local artist an idea for a logo. We liked the look of it but not as a logo, so we thought it's better suited for a branding element. We advised that one logo wasn't going to cut it, and we needed to create a brand and creative direct the interior and exterior design. We agreed on a goal to create something that was miles ahead of her current brand for Buckhead Coffeehouse and bring character and inspiration to the town.

Original "Buck" Illustration by Mary Harper @mar_bluemoonart

  • Branding
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Identity Design
  • Interior/Exterior Design

A Brand Filter That Became Another Branding Element.

As with all our clients, we try to establish a brand filter that fully encompasses the passion and the purpose of the business. The filter we landed became the central referenece point for all of the brand’s creative direction. We decided to illustrate the brand filter and make it a visual anchor point the space. We reached out to Emily Mills to create the custom lettering we were envisioning. It ended up being so perfect, it became an integral part of the visual brand as well as the slogan of Buck + Board.

"Drink It In" Illustration by Emily Mills @emily_a_mills

Strategy and Design Working Together.

We not only did the visual brand design, but we also provided creative direction and design of the interior and exterior space. We created textural elements by expanding the visual brand to make it a branded experience from the outside-in.

A Hotspot Worth Talking About.

We learned something during this process; A restaurant can have three impressions. You can be a restaurant with great food and not so great design, and you will always be a secret gem. You can be a restaurant with great design, but not so great food and you will slowly go out of business. You can be a restaurant with great food and design and become a hotspot, and that is what we achieved with this project.


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