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We do this because we love good people and design.

Founded in 2014, DesignGum has been a creative force with a big vision that anything is possible with great design. We are an all-around creative team that can’t help but see the big picture and helps our clients see it too. The way we collaborate with our clients has built a unique identity for us and the way we work. With our ideal clients, we end up becoming a part of their team and not just another service provider. We love our clients and their businesses. We believe that every business deserves great design and a complete understanding of their brand, and, we will go out of our way to help them achieve the best results possible.

Our mission is to help simplify the future of strategic branding and keep an enduring commitment to authenticity, passion, and creativity to help maximize the full potential of our clients.

The inspiration for our name came from the Art Gum Eraser. When we think of an eraser, we generally think of erasing something we don’t want there. But, it can be used for so much more than that. Artists use an eraser, especially in pencil sketches, to lighten, shape, and enhance their work to give it life. They erase with purpose. That is what DesignGum is all about – being utilized to help shape your business and give it new life.

Founder & Creative Director

Christian Linares

Having 14 years of design experience in branding and design, Christian has been immersed in hundreds of high-level branding and strategy projects. Over the years, he’s worked with international brands such as McDonalds, Adobe, Xerox, Jobvite, LinkedIn and Tibco as well as other Fortune 500 companies. His passion is to show companies that great, strategic design and branding can change their business forever. He lives by the mantra “nothing changes if nothing changes.” A California Bay Area native, he now resides in Columbia, Tennessee, with his wife, Lauren and daughter, Willow.


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