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Rise to the level of your competitor...

  • Clarify and Unify
    Your Value

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First impressions last. What was yours?

Knowing that first impressions mean something and good quality matters, take your business past the level of your competitors by getting laser focused clarity on what matters. When you can identify the filter through which all of your business decisions are made, you will rise above your competition.

We get it.

We understand how the day-to-day of running a business can entrap you, so much so that you lose sight of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how to make it better.
We know you built a business (or have a new business) from the ground up and have impeccable products and service, but that somewhere along the way, you’ve gotten comfortable with how things have always been done and you’ve had no reason to change.

  • Helped over 60 clients improve their understanding of their brand, what's missing, and where it can improve.
  • 15+ Years Experience in every type of design area, from agency to inhouse, creative direction to freelance design.
  • Worked with businesses both large and small, including multiple Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between.

Until now.


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How we'll work together.



Book a Consult

Get on a call with one of our team members and begin the process of moving beyond status quo.


Brand Defining Workshop

Discover the uniqueness of your brand and use that key quality to build the foundations of your brand.



Pull Ahead
of Your

By having a structure to rely on to keep your brand top notch and create a culture your team is excited about and your competition quivers.

What's my investment?

How much is it costing you to see other brands get ahead because of their ability to make a lasting first impression? How much is it costing you to keep marketing with the same tired assets and nothing is happening? How much time is being spent re-making the same decisions over and over because nothing exists with the answers already written down? How much will it continue to cost you to stay where you are, just because it’s comfortable?

What worked before isn’t working any more, and you are already losing money because of it.

A clear and defined brand eliminates the value of your competitor by making an unforgettable impression on the market you are meant to target.


I’ve been impressed by Christian and the DesignGum team. He’s a talented creative director who always gives me content that is better than expected. But beyond the design skills, he also has a real project focus. It’s always important for DesignGum to understand the scope of any project – allowing them to hit deadlines on time and budgets on target.

Steve Gleave SVP of Marketing, Metaswitch

This is our second business, but first time using a professional branding and marketing agency. My wife and I weren’t sure of what the process would entail, but he walked us through it and boy am I glad we went this route. Our entire brand is cohesive and beautiful! We get compliments all the time—from the large logo mural on our exterior wall to business cards and bags. It’s really been a great boost for our business.

Martin Mobley 931 Beauty Co.

From out-of-touch to up-to-date, ready to take on the (business) world.