Design Gum

Get real with your brand.

We’ll help your business to

  • Define

    Identify your true authentic look, tone and feel of your brand

  • Position

    Target and attract your ideal customers and increase loyalty and trust

  • Inspire

    Create consistency and credibility across all aspects of your business

How It Works

Branding made simple.



Finally know where your brand stands.

Understand how a brand works and uncover your business’ unique position in the marketplace.


Have a plan for your brand that actually works.

Make the right decisions for your brand with guidelines that are easy to understand and implement.



Feel confident and proud of your brand.

Have all the needed assets to successfully launch your new brand and generate more revenue.

What We Offer

Branding that is relevant.

We offer 3 types of brand services that help your business bridge the gap between your vision and your brand.


Identify your brand problems

We walk you through our branding process and then provide a brand assessment of your business which includes ways for your business to communicate your authenticity and an action plan for your brand.

What You Get
  • 2-hour interview where we explain our branding process assess your brand
  • 3-page action plan with steps you can make to start improving your brand
  • Rollover cost anytime to a BrandMap or BrandLaunch service


A brand to get you started

We will start with a Brandshop, then identify your authenticity, true brand filter, and brand positioning. We then create a new look for your brand and develop your brand guidelines.

What You Get
  • BrandShop
  • Defined authentic brand filter
  • Defined look, tone and feel of your new brand
  • Logo and brand guidelines
  • Rollover cost anytime to a BrandLaunch service


The whole shebang

The complete branding experience for businesses serious about operating at their full potential. Includes BrandShop, BrandMap, and, all creative assets for you to successfully launch your new brand with confidence.

What You Get
  • Everything in BrandMap
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Visual identity design according to your business needs
  • Website design with messaging and copy
  • Brand deployment
  • Social media images
  • Photoshoot
  • Promotional brand video
  • Launch marketing campaign
  • Anything and everything else

Call for Pricing


I’ve been impressed by Christian and the DesignGum team. He’s a talented creative director who always gives me content that is better than expected. But beyond the design skills, he also has a real project focus. It’s always important for DesignGum to understand the scope of any project – allowing them to hit deadlines on time and budgets on target.

Steve Gleave SVP of Marketing, Metaswitch

This is our second business, but first time using a professional branding and marketing agency. My wife and I weren’t sure of what the process would entail, but he walked us through it and boy am I glad we went this route. Our entire brand is cohesive and beautiful! We get compliments all the time—from the large logo mural on our exterior wall to business cards and bags. It’s really been a great boost for our business.

Martin Mobley 931 Beauty Co.

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